BODIES BY STONE, LLC - Mobile Detailing
 Mobile Detailing
Increased pricing for larger station wagons, SUVS, large SUVS, trucks and vans.
*Subject to additional charges
depending on pet hair, dirtiness and condition of paint
*All vehicles are subject to pre-evaluation prior to any work.
*Rinse-less wash available for all detail packages depending on level of dirtiness.

*Application of glass/ceramic/quartz coatings available to Sapphire, Topaz and Diamond details at extra cost.
*Diamond  [inquire]
-Exclusive foam wash process
-Wash automobile [2 bucket method]
-Bug & tar removal
-Clay painted surfaces
-2-3 step machine polish process
-Application of protective sealant or wax [coatings extra]
-Vacuum/shampoo carpets and mats
-Clean and wax door jambs
-Clean cup holders
-Clean seats, doors
-Apply a protectant to interior surfaces
-Clean and condition leather seats
-Clean & polish interior wood/metal/plastic trim, if applicable
-Q-tip nooks, crannies and vents
-Clean interior and exterior glass
-Vacuum trunk
-Condition exterior trim
-Clean and dress tires and wheel wells
-Clean [wheels on face and barrel]/polish wheels*
-Apply sealant to wheels
-Clean and polish exhaust tips

*Topaz Starts at $250 

-Exclusive foam wash process
-Wash  [2 bucket method]
-Bug & tar removal
-Paint cleanse
-2 step machine compound/polish process
-Application of protective sealant or wax [coatings extra]
-Clean and wax doorjambs
-Vacuum carpets and mats
-Spot clean carpets and mats
-Clean seats, doors
-Protect interior surfaces
-Clean and condition leather seats
-Clean & protect vinyl, wood grain and metal surfaces
-Clean interior and exterior glass
-Vacuum trunk
-Condition exterior trim
-Clean and dress tires and wheel wells
-Clean [wheels on face and barrel] and polish wheels*
-Clean and polish exhaust tips

*Sapphire [exterior] Starts at $175
-Wash [2 bucket method]
-Bug and tar removal
-Wheel face and spokes cleaned
-Clean and dress tires
-Clay treatment to cleanse paint
-1-Step machine polishing of painted surfaces 
-Wipe down interior dash, door panels, vacuum carpet,
dash protected
-Apply spray wax to door, hood, trunk jambs

*Ruby [exterior]  Starts at $80
-Wash exterior [2 bucket method or Rinse-less Wash]
-Wipe down door jambs
-Spray sealant or spray wax applied to exterior
-Clean tires, wheels [face] and wheel wells
-Dress tires
-Vacuum rugs and seats
-Wipe down interior surfaces [dash/center console/door panels]
-Clean windows interior/exterior

Express Interior detail can be added to all packages for an additional $50.

**Recommended maintenance after Sapphire, Topaz and Diamond details
*Express Interior
-Vacuum interior-seats, mats, floor and trunk
-Clean and protect cloth, leather [conditioned] and vinyl surfaces, door panels,  dash
-Clean center console, cup holders
-Clean windows
A la Carte
Leather Rejuvenation with Leatherique Starts at $120
-Vacuum leather seating
-Leather is conditioned with Leatherique Conditioner
-Leather is deep cleaned with Leatherique cleanser
-Seatbacks protected
-Headlight Restoration  $80-130
-Interior Detail  Starts at $120*
-Spot clean rugs and carpet
-Clean rubber mats
-Clean and protect interior surfaces. 
-Leather seats are cleaned and protected.
-Interior windows cleaned
-Vacuum interior.
-Wheel detail  Starts at $100 [$25/wheel] *
-Wheels cleaned [face and barrel], clay treated, sealant applied
 (requires wheel removal)
Custom packages are also available!
Maintenance Program
**Recommended after Sapphire, Topaz and Diamond Processes
Maintenance Package [monthly, weekly, bi-weekly]
Application of wax, vacuum interior, interior wipe down, clean and dress tires, wash exterior and clean interior/exterior glass 
Custom maintenance programs are available to suit your needs!


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