BODIES BY STONE, LLC - Mobile Detailing
"Sculpture defies space..." 
Bodies By Stone was established with the concept that every automobile is an individual work of art...its beauty hidden and awaiting revitalization which is exposed by a true craftsman of his profession.  Your vehicle, is a canvas at the artistic hands of Bodies By  Stone's owner, Mark Stone, who can restore your automobile's brilliance, splendor, and value through his proprietary detailing techniques and processes - each body; each sculpture is "honed" to perfection.  Just as a sculptor chisels objects of beauty with his/her hands, so too does the detailing specialist with his/her artistic services...Hence...the establishment of Bodies By Stone.
Bodies By Stone, LLC
Mark Stone, Owner
Phone: 1-877-436-2646
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
Current deals:
Have used this wax extensively.  Excellent wax for the winter.  Long lasting and very durable.
This is a must have.  Can be used as a sealant by itself or prior to waxing [long lasting] and can be used on non-porous interior and exterior surfaces - for that POP effect and protection! 
Excellent as a quick detailer for in-between washes as along as the surface is lightly soiled.  Good for bird droppings, dusting, etc...  Use with a microfiber towel to prevent micro-marring of the paint.
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